Power Platform 24 Conference 2019 | Tame Forms with Power Platform, Portals and AI

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Tame Forms with Power Platform, Portals and AI

Are you trying to move your organization to modern, mobile platforms like the Power platform, but weighed down by process that use paper and PDF forms? If you work in or with the government, you're likely surrounded by paper and PDF forms: GSA has 800 electronic forms, DoD has 100,000. Rebuilding hundreds or thousands forms in a modern system isn't always practical, in this session we'll build a system that uses them to provide modern approvals for your organization. This session is a live build (only 1 slide!) showing how to bring your organization to Power platform without having to replace the hundreds (thousands?) of printed and PDF forms in use today. This will give your organization new ability to automate approvals, track statistics, use mobile approvals and signatures, enable self-service processing and still update legacy systems as needed.

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    60 Minutes

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    Phil Topness

    Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power Platform