Phil Topness

Phil Topness

I'm irrationally excited about applying technology to help people better do what they need to do. I help the world's largest organizations maximize their results from Microsoft Power Platform as part of the Power Platform Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft. I'm passionate about the plight of the users of the software produced by our projects (and yours) and helping those users get better functionality, sooner. I'm also passionate about ensuring that the teams making that software can do so with predictability and sustainability leading to better end products and work-life balance.

Guest Appearances

  • From Zero To ALM In Demos
    From Zero To ALM In Demos - Video
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference October 2020

    New to Solutions and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)? Source control and automated deployment is for low code too. In this demo centered session you'll see: • What solutions are and how to start using them • Automate the use of source control even for your low code apps • Use DevOps to package and deploy your apps • Automate the use of Solution Checker for your apps • Use Power Automate to control DevOps • What's on the roadmap to make this functionality better If you've been using Power Apps at any level, by the end of this session you'll understand how to use Solutions and Azure DevOps to ensure your apps are protected in source control and your apps can be automatically deployed to other environments like test and production.

  • 2021 - Meeting Recordings
    Power Platform ALM: Why you Care and What's coming next
    60 Minutes 

    xRMVirtual User Group Recordings

    In this session we’ll be covering the ALM Apps and Components that are being developed for the CoE Starter Kit. The components are intended to be a starting point for customers to implement healthy Power Platform ALM practices in their organization leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub. The two Apps that are part of the ALM Components are geared toward two different audiences.

  • Tame Forms with Power Platform, Portals and AI
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference 2019

    Are you trying to move your organization to modern, mobile platforms like the Power platform, but weighed down by process that use paper and PDF forms? If you work in or with the government, you're likely surrounded by paper and PDF forms: GSA has 800 electronic forms, DoD has 100,000. Rebuilding hundreds or thousands forms in a modern system isn't always practical, in this session we'll build a system that uses them to provide modern approvals for your organization. This session is a live build (only 1 slide!) showing how to bring your organization to Power platform without having to replace the hundreds (thousands?) of printed and PDF forms in use today. This will give your organization new ability to automate approvals, track statistics, use mobile approvals and signatures, enable self-service processing and still update legacy systems as needed.