Power Platform 24 Conference 2019

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Did you miss the event? No problem, watch all 24 sessions whenever you want! Join Power Platform enthusiasts and Microsoft dignitaries from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your timezone.

Course Module Details

PowerApps, Flow, and SharePoint (1 Hours)

You probably know one, you might know them all, but do you know how they best work together? In this session, you will learn about how the three work together to help you build great solutions. The session will be demo heavy so come prepared to see the products in action. Topics to be discussed include: How to choose when they all do the same thing Real world use cases we are seeing Some of the quirks of the trio Discussion of some of the other data sources that may come up How you can also incorporate your on-prem SharePoint

Scheduling across Dynamics 365 (1 Hours)

Beyond Field Service! Leveraging Scheduling across Dynamics 365 Schedules are everywhere. And while we often combine the Schedule Board, Microsoft has made the Schedule Board available for scenarios outside of traditional Field Service. Come learn about what the components are and how you can leverage them in your projects to drive success. We will discuss what Universal Resource Scheduling is, how it works and fits into Field Service, Project Service and can be leveraged for your success in Sales, Customer Service or other scenarios.

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    Ben Vollmer image
    Ben Vollmer

    Global Director - Field Service at Microsoft.

Deep Dive Common Data Service (1 Hours)

In this session, we will review the origins, history, and architecture of the Common Data Service. We will see how some of the inheritance of their SQL 2000 based ancestors still show up today, and how they impact us. We will also discuss some of the complexities of the data modelling on the CDS, and what is the impact of all those options we have when creating new entities. We will review How and When to use some of the different particular data types and their limitations. Finally, we will discuss some of the crucial design decisions when building your data model.

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    Marco Amoedo image
    Marco Amoedo

    Microsoft MVP for Business Applications

Power of Flow & Forms Pro (1 Hours)

Microsoft Forms Pro was made generally available on July 1st 2019. In a magical combination, Microsoft Forms has been given a much needed boost by storing responses in the Common Data Service, and therefore providing the ability to use the flexibility of Microsoft Flow to give organizations a powerful solution to request and analyze feedback from customers. Let’s take a look at the top business benefits of Forms Pro!

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    Megan Walker image
    Megan Walker

    Megan V. Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Dynamics/Power Platform Consultant.

Power BI Alchemy (1 Hours)

Impress your friends! Dazzle your peers! Win the admiration of your less well-informed colleagues! Attend this session to discover what is certain to be your favoritest Power BI feature! Learn from 14-time MVP Matt Wittemann how to unlock a mystical, cryptic, and almost preternatural power of Power BI to turn raw, value-less data into data gold!

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    Matt Wittemann image
    Matt Wittemann

    14-time MVP Microsoft Business Applications and Senior Solution Architect

Crash Course in PowerApps Portals (1 Hours)

Model Driven and Canvas based PowerApps provide incredibly powerful tools for building business applications for internal users. What about external audiences such as customers and partners? The Power Platform April 2019 release notes indicate the arrival of PowerApps Portals, which is based on the Dynamics 365 Portals platform. This session provides an introduction to building a Model Driven App and the steps to securely expose it to an external audience via the PowerApps Portals.

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    Nick Doelman image
    Nick Doelman

    MVP. Dad. Husband. Canadian. Beer connoisseur. Passionate about Power Platform, Power Apps and Powerlifting.

Grow Flow with Low Code (1 Hours)

In this session we'll demonstrate how you can use a little bit of code to make Flow even more powerful. The session is intended for every level of Flow user, as long as you have a good understanding of Flow's capabilities and it's purpose. For as much as Flow can do there are just as many things it can't and when you reach the end of Flow's capabilities you may require a little bit of code to help your project to the finish line. This is primarily a demo session and we'll show how to build custom Flow plugins, from scratch, that leverage Azure Functions to extend Flows capabilities. The session focuses on two areas of extending out of the box flow capabilities. 1. Handling data validation that can't be accomplished using out-of-the-box functions 2. Extending existing connectors to provide more capabilities to grow your Flow to places never seen before. Make sure to stay tuned all the way to the end!

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    Aiden Kaskela image
    Aiden Kaskela

    Microsoft MVP, Dynamics 365 Consultant & Developer

    Michael Ochs image
    Michael Ochs

    Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure Developer.

Workflow to Flow (1 Hours)

Session about replicating your workflows in Flow. This is intended for Dynamics users who are new to Flow, to demonstrate how easy it is to make the transition and perform core features in a new technology. Covers differences between WF and Flow triggers, scope, limitations, and how to overcome shortcomings in the out of the box tools.

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    Aiden Kaskela image
    Aiden Kaskela

    Microsoft MVP, Dynamics 365 Consultant & Developer

All Demo Power platform (1 Hours)

While you may already familiar with Power BI, PowerApps and perhaps Microsoft Flow; you may not know that Microsoft is bringing these tools together into a unified brand called: the Microsoft Power platform. In this session Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Charles Sterling will give an all demo introduction to these products AND how you can use these products together with other offerings such as their new database engine called Common Data Service for Apps and Microsoft Forms to create very sophisticated “no code/low code” solutions for Business Analysts and citizen developers

Liquid Templates in Power Portals (1 Hours)

Take a look under the hood of Dynamics Portals one of its building blocks: Liquid Templates. Where did Liquid Templates originate, where can we use them in our Portals Solution, and what are some real world examples of customizing Power Portals with Liquid Templates.

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    Jim Novak image
    Jim Novak

    Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Technical Architect

Using Flow with PowerApps (1 Hours)

We will be going through capabilities of Microsoft Flow being utilized from PowerApps. We then will take our PowerApp and Flow discuss the ALM capabilities within a solution.

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    Jason Cosman image
    Jason Cosman

    CRM Technical Lead at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Awesome Templates for Marketing (1 Hours)

Learn about the template designer in D365 for Marketing and how you can include buttons, dynamic links, and protected blocks to your templates.

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    Allison Fierce image
    Allison Fierce

    Associate Consultant at Hitachi Solutions America | MCSE: Business Applications

PCF vs Canvas Apps (1 Hours)

Iron Man vs Hawkeye (PCF vs Canvas Apps) - In the MBU (Microsoft Business Application Universe), we have two equally powerful Superheroes; Canvas App (Hawkeye) and PCF (Iron Man). In this presentation, we will go through the strength and weaknesses of each ideal usage scenarios and latest updates in both Canvas App and PCF.

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    Ee Lane Yu image
    Ee Lane Yu

    Dynamics CE | PowerApps Evangelist

    Natraj Yegnaraman image
    Natraj Yegnaraman

    Microsoft MVP | ⚡Power Platform traceur🏃‍♂️ | Solution Architect

Tame Forms with Power Platform, Portals and AI (1 Hours)

Are you trying to move your organization to modern, mobile platforms like the Power platform, but weighed down by process that use paper and PDF forms? If you work in or with the government, you're likely surrounded by paper and PDF forms: GSA has 800 electronic forms, DoD has 100,000. Rebuilding hundreds or thousands forms in a modern system isn't always practical, in this session we'll build a system that uses them to provide modern approvals for your organization. This session is a live build (only 1 slide!) showing how to bring your organization to Power platform without having to replace the hundreds (thousands?) of printed and PDF forms in use today. This will give your organization new ability to automate approvals, track statistics, use mobile approvals and signatures, enable self-service processing and still update legacy systems as needed.

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    Phil Topness image
    Phil Topness

    Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Flow Expressions (1 Hours)

Expressions Overview Anatomy of an Expression Types of Expressions Where can Expressions be Used Data Types Expression Functions Limitations Best Practices Demo

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    Rezza Dorrani image
    Rezza Dorrani

    Principal Consultant (Office 365) and Power Platform Technical Lead at Catapult Systems

PowerApps Component Framework (1 Hours)

The session will include the following 1. intro to pcf 2. Pcf architecture 3. Walk through creating a field type component. 4. Debugging your component 5. Packaging n deploying your component 6. Walk through creating components for dataset.

Accessibility PowerApps Projects (1 Hours)

Accessibility for people with special needs is an essential consideration for the public sector and enterprise projects. Learn what accessibility is and why it is crucial. I will share my experience and learning while making d365 projects accessibility compliance. "Accessibility" is not just for people working with UI; instead, it is relevant to consultants, developers, testers and others. This session aims to give an overview of what needs to be done to make a D365 project accessibility compliance.

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    Yawer Iqbal image
    Yawer Iqbal

    D365 & Power Platform Consultant

Next Best Actions Sales Insights (1 Hours)

AI is now infused throughout Dynamics 365, changing the way we think about and work with CRM. Rather creating 'to do' list and email alerts, we can now use AI to surface intelligent insights to suggest next best actions for sales people, making them more effective in their roles (and making their CRM system much more of a pleasure to use!). With Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, you can create and configure your own next best action suggestions with Custom Insights Cards in the Relationship Assistant, without any code. This session is a practical how-to guide - getting started with Sales Insights, configuring Flow for various types of next best action suggestions (including triggers from external systems) and sample use cases - everything you need to be able to do your own AI in Dynamics 365, and surface the intelligence and insights that will work for you organisation.

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    Lisa Crosbie image
    Lisa Crosbie

    Power Platform, Dynamics 365 & The Art of the Possible | Barhead Solutions

Use Talent to digitize HR (1 Hours)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is Microsoft's new system for all processes that involve employees and people. I'll show how you move from an Excel-based system to more automated processes. Join us to understand Dynamics 365 for Talent, and why and how you should use it

AI Builder (1 Hours)

Learn how the Power Platform AI Builder can accelerate business transformation through interactive demonstrations and real-world examples. AI Builder is a new feature of the Power Platform which democratizes AI and makes it available to anyone who can build a simple PowerApp or Microsoft Flow. This session aims to not only educate but inspire people into action. #AIForEveryone.

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    Hamish Shield image
    Hamish Shield

    I am an experienced digital technology consultant specialising in helping organisations innovate with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Customer Service Experience (1 Hours)

No time to keep up to date with all the new Applications and updates? Well Mark will run through how you can utilize Virtual Agent, Forms Pro, Flow to Field Service, PowerApps Portals & Remote Assist...... All in 1 hour.

Extending Talent (1 Hours)

This session will show you how you can use the Power Platform with Forms Pro, PowerApps Portals, PowerApps and Flow to extend Talent and making it an even better system!

Business processes with Adaptive Cards (1 Hours)

Cards are in Office 365 for some time already. Originally created as Message Cards after some time rebuilt from nearly a scratch to become Adaptive Cards. Today they can be used in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This session will let you to learn: What is a difference betweeen Message and Adaptive Cards, How to design cards, How to use them - a working example What to expect from version 2.0 announced during MS Build conference. Process designers should make their processes as intuitive as possible, allowing their participants to take their part in the most effective way, whether this is an e-mail, Teams conversation or a task somewhere in Office 365. Using Cards helps creating new channel for efficient participation in business processes.

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    Tomasz Poszytek image
    Tomasz Poszytek

    Experienced SharePoint & Office 365 consultant

You got your CRM in my Teams! (1 Hours)

In this session you will see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform work with Microsoft Teams and how integrating Teams with Dynamics 365 will increase the user adoption of both systems.

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    Joel Lindstrom image
    Joel Lindstrom

    12 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP