Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Training Ideas

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Dynamics 365 Solution Framework Deep Dive

Create a course that covers all aspects of using the Dynamics 365 Solution Framework

Deploying Dynamics 365 Portals

Cover all aspects of setting up a new portal and common customization scenarios

A course on CDS and Flow

Create a course that deals with scenarios that highlights the use of flow and cds.

Customizations & Configurations

Would like to see a video on customizations & configuration within Dynamic 365.

Data Modeling

Elements of data modeling and the implications of making one choice over another (relationship types, automation, security, cascade rules, portability between environments etc.)

Authentication Deep Dive

When to authenticate, how to authenticate, and how to make your app secure

A course on using azure with dynamics 365

Please walk us through a clear step by step approach on the need of using azure and also scenarios of when to use azure , how to connect and authenticate.

A course on the new Auditing features of CDS/Dynamics 365

Refresher on basic auditing and info on all the new read auditing including the options for single and multiple records