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  • Using Dataverse Metadata
    35 Minutes

    Dataverse has very extensive metadata available via Web API but Dataverse connector in Power Automate does not provide access to this information. Where it can be used? Have you ever tried to set the value of a choice / option set / picklist column using the label instead of the underlying number value in Power Automate? You can set the value in a flow using either a static value from a dropdown or provide the underlying number value of the choice. If the input value for the choice is provided as text, how do you work out the underlying number value of the choice? For small choices / option sets / picklists e.g. Yes, No, Maybe then a Switch action works great. But what if your choices / option sets / picklists contains 20+ possible values? You will need several monitors side-by-side just to fit it all horizontally. And maintaining this flow becomes a challenge. This is exactly where metadata can help. It's also useful for accessing the information into any of the installed languages, working out data ranges and other properties, and many more. In this video you will learn how to access the Dataverse metadata in Power Automate and how to make the most out of it.