Power Automate Field Guide

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The Power Automate Field Guide is a collection of short training topics covering real world challenges you will encounter when building Power Automate automations. Unlike most of our courses this one will be incrementally built over time as you suggest topics we should cover.


David Yack

David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado and is recognized as a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

  • Overview
    2 Minutes 

    Watch this first and learn how this course works and how to add your ideas to our content request list and vote for ideas.

Microsoft Office 365

In this module we focus on using Power Automate with Microsoft Office 365. Learn how to use the Office 365 connectors and service capabilities to build automations.

  • Handling Inbound Email
    33 Minutes 

    In this video we look at how to handle automation of inbound e-mails. This includes looking at using Exchange shared mailboxes and Microsoft Dataverse queues. We compare and contrast approaches to help you decide the right approach for your needs. If you ever wanted to automate your own inbound e-mail processing this is a must watch.

General (Planned)
Azure Dev Ops (Planned)
Microsoft Excel (Planned)
Microsoft Outlook (Planned)
Microsoft SharePoint (Planned)
Microsoft Teams (Planned)
Power Automate Expressions (Planned)
Working with dates (Planned)