Ulrikke Akerbæk

Ulrikke Akerbæk

The last update for Portals is the PowerApps Portals interface; making it more accessible to non-code users and customizes, is a major milestone. With this missing piece in place we are ready for the world. What I love the most about working with Portals is that I get to work with so many different aspects of the web; setting up authentication trough AzureB2C, theming using Bootstrap and SCSS, building structure using HTML5, improving user experience with liquid and jQuery and still making out of the box features shine. The response and cooperation of Microsoft support show a real dedication and investment in the product. If you were wondering, portals are here to stay, and so am I.

Guest Appearances

  • Structuring innovation with a Power Apps Portal
    60 Minutes 

    Fall into Power Apps Portals

    Innovation Norway have built a platform for the Norwegian Innovation Clusters on Power Apps Portals. The portal has followed the product through thick and thin the last 3 years and are on the bleeding edge of what is possible to do with portals.