Mike Carlo

Mike Carlo

I'm very passionate about data and analytics. I've spent a massive amount of time learning Power BI. Through this learning process I felt that others may also be interested. Thus, I created a website, a knowledge repository for all things PowerBI, ( powerbi.tips ). This site is uniquely set up for people to read and learn about data modeling and visualizations within Power BI.

Guest Appearances

  • Ask me anything about Power BI
    60 Minutes 

    Power Platform 24 Conference March 2022

    The Explicit Measures Podcast is doing an Ask Me Anything Session! Join us live to hear your questions answered on ANYTHING related to the podcast, topics discussed in previous episodes, or anything around the Power BI platform. Hosted by Mike Carlo, Seth Bauer, and Tommy Puglia, the Explicit Measures Podcast is a Power BI focused show that is like being around a Power BI Pro’s Water Cooler. With so many available resources in the community that focuses on the “how” in Power BI (how to do Drill Through, how to use DAX, etc.,), the Explicit Measures Podcast is all around the WHY. Why use a particular feature, does it make sense for my users? Submit your questions in advance! https://bit.ly/amaempodcast