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Portals Custom Code

The Power Apps Portal team is continuing to build and extend the product with new features, including a new supported and documented extensibility model to allow external data and services to be integrated with the portal. Learn the latest details and the new authentication model that is available and the patterns that it can be used in. Get your hands on templates and see real world examples of how this pattern can work to help you as a developer solve complex requirements that require custom server code. Bring back the power of the .NET Framework, CDS/Dynamics 365 SDK and C# to your portal applications in a secure and safe manner with what you will learn at this session. Go beyond the limitations of configuration options or liquid templates with the portal. Create the user experiences and use the services your projects demand with the concepts demonstrated.

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    60 Minutes

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    Colin Vermander

    Technical Director for Services Delivery with Adoxio Business Solutions helping delight customers with awesome solutions! Solution architect and full stack developer primarily works in the .NET technology stack and Microsoft product family. Passion for building solutions to technically challenging problems and especially finds it rewarding to be ab