Power Platform 24 Conference November 2, 2022 | Why Your Power BI Dashboards Aren't Being Used - And How to Fix It

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Why Your Power BI Dashboards Aren't Being Used - And How to Fix It
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    60 Minutes

    The problem: we expect everyone to adapt and be able to analyze and explore our visualizations. The reality: you’re forcing end-users to adapt to the viz rather than adapting it to their needs. Key Meeting Insights: You need to know your audience when building a dashboard. Think about: -- What does your audience do? What is their role? -- Why are they coming to you? What do they need? -- What drives the decisions they make? Your visuals should behave like text does: context is key. -- Is the visual help driving the decision? If it’s just nice to look at- then take it out. -- Everything in a dashboard should help drive a decision. -- Where can things go wrong in a dashboard? -- Too much focus on visuals and not on context. -- Don’t go too broad with your dashboard, have an audience in mind. -- Understand that not everyone is analytically minded. How can you win over dashboard users? -- Do a discovery phase and interview stakeholders in advance. --Understand their current state and get an idea of their ideal outcome -- Know what you need to show in advance- what are the requirements -- How are they going to use the data? -- Sandbox and version- test out your dashboards in advance. Show all stakeholders how to use and interact with the dashboard. Get feedback and make edits.

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    Tommy Puglia

    Tommy leads the Chicago Power BI User Group & co-hosts the Explicit Measures Podcast, releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Tommy is constantly focused on how any report, application, or solution can change and drive behavior.