Power Platform 24 Conference 2021 | Azure AD B2X self-service sign-up user flow for Power Apps portals

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Azure AD B2X self-service sign-up user flow for Power Apps portals
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    60 Minutes

    Power Apps portals offer several options for controlling account sign-up behavior. We prefer to use external accounts of “trusted” identity providers to let external users register and sign in. Self-service sign-up user flows, part of External Identities in Azure AD, can be customized and extended with API connectors that can call Power Automate flow via Azure API Management. We’re going to set up a self-service sign-up user flow for Power Apps portals, where we can use Power Automate flow to perform identity verification of the external user based on: - The e-mail address of a matching Contact record in Dataverse. These Contact records were added by internal users or by portal contacts from the parent account page. - The e-mail domain of a matching Account record in Dataverse. In this way we can offer an open registration for verified external users and block the registration for John & Jane Doe.

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    Stefan Strube

    Explorer into the wondrous eco system of Microsoft and beyond. Experienced traveler in the on-prem & cloud worlds of SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics 365. Building on the Power Platform. Working as Solution Architect at Strukton. Microsoft Business Applications MVP.