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XrmVirtual is a virtual user group focused on technical topics for Dynamics 365 and CDS - You can learn more and attend one of the virtual meetings here https://www.xrmvirtual.com/

Course Module Details

2021 - Meeting Recordings (10 Hours)

Catch up on all the 2021 XrmVirtual meetings.

  • Power Apps Portals Security Overview

    Power Apps portals provides an easy to use interface to allow you to interact with Dataverse information on an externally-facing website. Obviously, this provides challenges to ensure that the data being surfaced on a portal page is secure and only available to those who are allowed to see it. This session provides a high level overview of the Power Apps portal security model and talks about steps you can take to ensure that your Dataverse information is properly protected with working with Power Apps portals.

    Nick Doelman image
    Nick Doelman

    MVP. Dad. Husband. Canadian. Beer connoisseur. Passionate about Power Platform, Power Apps and Powerlifting.

  • Creating a Teams status indicator light

    In this session, you will learn how to create a teams status indicator light using NodeJS and a Raspberry Pi. In the course of the session, we will assemble the Raspberry PI and install all needed software as well as look at the NodeJS application.

    Benedikt Bergmann image
    Benedikt Bergmann

    My first contact with Dynamics was in 2014. Since I moved to Sweden I am exclusively working with Dynamics and the Power Platform. I am coming from a Developer background and do a lot of Solution Architect work currently. My passion is to automate stuff as well as create templates to make the life of others easier. In January 2021 I received the Mi

  • Introduction to TypeScript for Dataverse

    In this session, we will create a project setup for a TypeScript implementation to be used for Dataverse. This will include EsLint, Prettier, typings and react. After the session, you will know how to set up a TypeScript project and write your first TypeScript code.

    Benedikt Bergmann image
    Benedikt Bergmann

    My first contact with Dynamics was in 2014. Since I moved to Sweden I am exclusively working with Dynamics and the Power Platform. I am coming from a Developer background and do a lot of Solution Architect work currently. My passion is to automate stuff as well as create templates to make the life of others easier. In January 2021 I received the Mi

  • Virtualization in Dataverse - Virtual Tables

    In this session, we will discuss the concept and use of virtual tables, why are they relevant, when should they be used and a demo of them working. We will also briefly talk about the next upcoming feature "Virtual Connector Providers" currently in private preview within Microsoft. Once it is out there, it will allow us to use connectors to streamline data to Dataverse. I'll not brush bits in this session so both Pro and Citizen developers are welcome.

    Henrique Silvestr image
    Henrique Silvestr

    I'm a computer scientist with nearly a decade of experience breaking and then fixing (a.k.a Designing and Implementing) solutions for web-based applications using Microsoft technologies, mainly focusing on business applications specifically Dynamics CRM and now Power Platform.

  • Monitoring your plugins with App Insights

    How many times have you written complex plugins and needed to gain insights into usage/bugs/performance issues/etc? Plugin trace log is a decent feature to get granular for debugging purposes in development environments, but is severely limited for investigating production scenarios given lack of searchability, reportability, and usability, as well as for macro-level analysis like usage and performance trends. Enter App Insights Monitoring of Plugins, where you can have a dedicated monitoring tool that is fully queryable and massively scalable to the largest production workloads.

    Joseph Duty image
    Joseph Duty

    I’m a Senior Consultant with MCS Federal living in the Washington DC metro area. I’ve been a Dynamics consultant/developer for 11 years, almost entirely within the US Federal industry.

  • Using Polly & Simmy with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Limits to build resilient integrations

    In this session, I'll cover the following: A quick recap of my last session (setting the stage), Demos using serial, parallel, and batch requests, Demos using Polly, Demo making it battle-ready using chaos engineering, Q&A. Who should attend: Anyone who is interested in building custom .NET framework/dotnet core integrations with Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI and hasn't used Polly, .NET/C#/Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI knowledge is required for this session, What they will learn: How to use Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI, How to add resiliency to their integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365, How to make battle-ready integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365 using chaos engineering.

    Mohsin Mirza image
    Mohsin Mirza

    I've been working with Dynamics CRM since the 3.0/4.0 days. I am an enthusiast of the xRM platform and very much into all things technical/SDK related.

  • Power Platform ALM: Why you Care and What's coming next

    In this session we’ll be covering the ALM Apps and Components that are being developed for the CoE Starter Kit. The components are intended to be a starting point for customers to implement healthy Power Platform ALM practices in their organization leveraging Azure DevOps and GitHub. The two Apps that are part of the ALM Components are geared toward two different audiences.

    Phil Topness image
    Phil Topness

    Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power Platform

    Michael Ochs image
    Michael Ochs

    Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure Developer.

    Marc Schweigert image
    Marc Schweigert

    arc Schweigert has spent over 20 years developing, evangelizing, and helping sell software solutions ranging from departmental applications, commercial products, large scale enterprise systems, and multi-million user internet facing sites for both commercial and government organizations

  • Enterprise Document Generation using Microsoft Technologies

    In this session, we will see how to create simple and complex documents (including approvals) in Word and PDF using nothing but Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Power Automate.

    Igor Shvets image
    Igor Shvets

    Independent Dynamics 365 consultant. I specialize in Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, Field Service and Talent.

  • Create interactive chatbot with Power Automate

    n-depth, hands-on overview of CRM Bot's approach to Conversational AI agent building. Learn how to utilise advanced Power Automate patterns, infusing Azure Custom Vision, Natural Language Understanding, real-time translation, integration with Twilio, Messenger, Teams & front end react apps. Use advanced authentication patterns to streamline your customers' journeys through your chatbot. Respond with Adaptive Cards, rich media messages, dynamically built menus. Integrate with QnA Maker for easy knowledge sharing.

    Artur Zielinski image
    Artur Zielinski

    Experienced, versatile and innovative Microsoft Dynamics Solution Architect with 8+ years experience in the industry (CRM 11, 13, 15, 16 & d365)

  • Let's build PCF Control

    During the session I plan to walk participants through the process of development of PCF controls that starting from initiation of the project, through coding and troubleshooting and to deployment of the control to the CDS instance. Visit my session and bring ideas of your controls!

    Andrew Butenko image
    Andrew Butenko

    Developer since 2005, Developer for Dynamics CRM/365 for CE since 2008, MVP for CRM/BS/BA since 2010, Technical Architect with Hitachi Solutions America

2020 - Meeting Recordings (13 Hours)
  • Revamping Power Apps Controls

    Power Apps controls although configurable are very basic in look and feel. They make Power Apps look different than native phone apps. This session will walk you through a detailed step-by-step design for various controls – text input field, tooltips, floating action buttons, and date picker control, making Power Apps look as beautiful and functional than any native phone app!

    Hardit Bhatia image
    Hardit Bhatia

    I am an Electrical Engineer with a MBA in Finance. With over 10 years’ experience in creating and implementing business applications and a deep interest in tasks involving analytical thinking, Power Platform is the world I had been dreaming of since a very long time! When I got introduced to the Power Platform, it took me no time to get addicted an

  • Using Power BI

    Learn what's new in using Power BI with Dynamics 365 / Portals / Power Platform in the latest April 2020 wave-1 release.

  • ALM for CDS using Azure DevOps Pipelines
  • Using Power BI with Dynamics 365 Power Platform - April 2020 update

    Learn what's new in using Power BI with Dynamics 365 / Portals / Power Platform in the latest April 2020 wave-1 release.

    Mihir Shah image
    Mihir Shah

    Mihir is a Solution Architect with IBM and has worked on deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Fortune 500 clients. He has been a volunteer / speaker at various Microsoft Dynamics 365 events. Mihir enjoys blogging, traveling and visiting national parks with family.

  • ALM for CDS/Dyn365 (MDA) using Azure DevOps Pipeline

    In this session, you will learn how a basic ALM process for CDS/Dynamics 365 (MDA) looks like. In addition, we will talk about advanced possibilities like automated tests and other Quality gates. The beginning of the presentation will level all of us to a common understanding of different types of tests, as well as Deployment options in CDS/Dynamics 365 (MDA). After the session, you will have a basic understanding of how to implement an ALM process for CDS/Dynamics 365 (MDA) in Azure DevOps using the PowerApps BuildTools.

    Benedikt Bergmann image
    Benedikt Bergmann

    My first contact with Dynamics was in 2014. Since I moved to Sweden I am exclusively working with Dynamics and the Power Platform. I am coming from a Developer background and do a lot of Solution Architect work currently. My passion is to automate stuff as well as create templates to make the life of others easier. In January 2021 I received the Mi

  • OmniChannel In Detail

    This session will provide: An overview (and demo) of the Omni Channel engagement hub including Live chat and voice channel Productivity tools including smart assist and navigation history Supervisor experience Reporting features A comparison of the hub with the unified service desk

    Tricia Sinclair image
    Tricia Sinclair

    I have over 10 years experience in implementing CRM solutions in various roles from Consultant to Architect. I am passionate about delivering quality solutions and sharing my experiences and knowledge about D365 with the community.

  • Forms Pro Becomes Customer Voice

    During the Inspire event (July 21st 2020) Microsoft made a massive announcement about changes coming to their survey and feedback offering, Forms Pro. It's changing, and it's now going to be Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. Join Microsoft Business Applications MVP (and Forms Pro guru), Megan V. Walker, as she provides an overview and discovery session of Customer Voice. Bring your questions, and don't miss out on your opportunity to see this new product for the first time.

    Megan Walker image
    Megan Walker

    Megan V. Walker is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Dynamics/Power Platform Consultant.

  • Power Apps DevOps supercharged

    Supercharge your development by leveraging Azure Devops automation for Dynamics and Power Apps Portals. This is a developer focused talk where I show you an opinionated but simple way to structure your Dynamics project in Visual Studio. I will show you how to properly setup your project that makes it easy to automate your deployments. I will also show you how you can use TypScript for your web resource development and incorporate unit testing in your lifecycle. Finally I will show you how you can manage Portal development within Visual Studio as well as managing configuration and automation of D365 solutions, configuration data and portal configuration to target environment using Azure Devops build and release pipeline. This is tried and tested methodology / techniques that worked really well in an organization with multiple teams working on D365/portal implementations.

    Muhammad Rafiq image
    Muhammad Rafiq

    Solution Architect and Full Stack Developer, my journey with Dynamics started in 2011 and since then I have worked on large D365 implementations in the Australian public sector.

  • Working with Liquid Templates in Power Portals

    Take a look under the hood of Dynamics Portals one of it's building blocks: Liquid Templates. Where did Liquid Templates originate, where can we use them in our Portals Solution, and what are some real world examples of customizing Power Portals with Liquid Templates

    Jim Novak image
    Jim Novak

    Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365 Technical Architect

  • Using Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Limits to build resilient integrations

    In this session, I'll cover the following topics: Various approaches for integration (brief ~ 5 to 10 mins) A little bit of history of the CRM SDK of how we ended-up with where we are today (5 to 10 mins) Platform insights/inner workings of API limits (5 to 10 mins) Overview and demos with Polly Demo of Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI Q&A Who should attend: Anyone who is interested in building custom .NET framework/dotnet core integrations with Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI and hasn't used Polly .NET/C#/Dynamics 365 SDK/WebAPI knowledge is required for this session What they will learn: How to use Polly with Dynamics 365 WebAPI How to add resiliency to their integrations/migrations with Dynamics 365

    Mohsin Mirza image
    Mohsin Mirza

    I've been working with Dynamics CRM since the 3.0/4.0 days. I am an enthusiast of the xRM platform and very much into all things technical/SDK related.

  • ALM for Power Platform/Dynamics 365 CE using Power Platform Build Tools

    In this session, I will explain the Application lifecycle management(ALM) for the Microsoft Power Platform(PowerApps, Power Automate) and Dynamics 365 CE components using Power Platform Build Tools. Also, I will explain how to set up the source control, VSTS build and release pipeline using the Power Platform Build Tools.

    Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam image
    Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam

    Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam (Microsoft MVP-Business Applications)currently working as a Senior Technical Lead in Xchanging Malaysia Sdn Bhd

  • Introduction to GitHub Actions for Power Platform

    Azure DevOps was the only official Microsoft product for doing ALM with Power Platform. GitHub Actions has been gaining a lot of support in the open-source community, and so Microsoft has also released a set of Actions specifically for Power Platform. In this session, I will introduce GitHub Actions, show you some tools, tips & tricks with GitHub Actions and also how to use the Power Platform Actions.

    Natraj Yegnaraman image
    Natraj Yegnaraman

    Microsoft MVP | ⚡Power Platform traceur🏃‍♂️ | Solution Architect

  • Introduction to COE toolkit

    This session will cover the governance principles that need to be kept in mind while framing a COE and the places where toolkit would help to accelerate the admin's job in establishing and maintaining the COE.

    Geetha Chockalingam image
    Geetha Chockalingam

    Geetha Chockalingam is a veteran of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Applications having 17+ years of rich experience in IT industry offering highly efficient software solutions which enhance customer satisfaction and drive business value optimizing revenue gains and cost savings.

2019 - Meeting Recordings (5 Hours)

Catch up on all the 2019 XrmVirtual meetings.

  • Embedding Canvas Apps in Model-Driven forms

    Dynamics 365 provides a powerful platform and now you can embed your pixel perfect canvas apps in your Dynamics 365 forms. Learn at this session how you can create enhanced user experiences with PowerApps inside of a Dynamics 365 entity form. Understand how you can pass data from Dynamics 365 and how this will enable you to create all new ways to display not only your Dynamics 365 data but also leverage other external data sources with the PowerApps connector framework. See demos of how to embed your control, connect your PowerApp to a custom data source and manage canvas apps as part of the Dynamics 365 solution architecture.

  • 10th Anniversary All-star AMA

    Join us for our xRM all-star ask me anything! We are working hard to get some great people to stop by and celebrate our 10 years of serving our community. Join us! Confirmed so far: Ryan Cunningham Charles Lamanna Matt Barbour Julie Yack David Yack Daryl LaBar Colin Vermander Chris Cognetta Matt Wittemann

  • The road ahead for Power Platform with Charles Lamanna

    Join Microsoft's Charles Lamanna to talk about the road ahead and an AMA all about the Power Platform.

  • Dynamics 365 Portals

    Learn about the recent release of Dynamics 365 portals with new features like integration with SharePoint, How to publish a Power BI report to portal and simple steps to publish an entity to the portal.

  • Connecting Dynamics 365 CE and SharePoint using Function Apps

    Dynamics CRM and SharePoint are complementary systems, each offering their own set of data management capabilities, and for years, Dynamics CRM has offered out of the box integration with SharePoint. What if your requirements extend beyond out of the box capabilities and you need to deploy some custom code to meet your customer demands? One option (out of many!) for extending integration between the two systems is to use Azure Function Apps. In this session we will discuss the Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration, Azure Function Apps, and look at a quick demo of how these technologies work together.

2018 - Meeting Recordings (10 Hours)

Catch up on all the 2018 XrmVirtual meetings.

  • Integrations with Azure Service Bus

    Dynamics 365 provides out of the box capabilities to integrate with Azure and Service bus services. Learn how easy you can integrate with Azure Service Bus Topics and Queues and extend Dynamics 365 Online to external applications Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants will learn how to configure Dynamics 365 online service endpoints and been able to send messages to Azure Service Bus, Topics and Queues, using tools and development integrations out of the box

  • Future proofing your Configuration

    Often Dynamics 365 solutions are configured without thought of the already existing functionality within the platform as well as what is coming out in the future releases. In this presentation I’ll be talking about some of the best practices in future proofing your configuration to make sure that your customers get the absolute best from the platform.

  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

    Attend this webinar to learn: How D365FO fits into the rest of the D365 family, including where there’s overlap Demo of the basic UI concepts and modules Integration concepts Overview of development and customization paradigm Bring your questions for Q&A

  • Four Ways To Improve Quality And Productivity Of Your Development

    There are as many development techniques as there are developers, and there are just as many tools and frameworks that can make or break your process. In this session, Jonas will show a few development techniques and community tools that will get you up to speed for efficient development for the Dynamics 365 platform, with the primary focus being on C# and Customer Engagement (CRM). · Visual Studio extensions · C# Extensions to SDK classes · Base classes doing all your boring plumbing · XrmToolBox tools taking you the last kilometer This is a session for those who are not afraid of seeing C# and enjoy watching live coding without safety net!

  • Agile Estimating and Planning for Dynamics 365

    Using the Scrum framework to manage a Dynamics 365 deployment requires a fresh approach to estimating and planning your project. In this session, Neil Benson will outline his six step process to agile estimating and planning that he uses on his Dynamics 365 projects. The high-level steps are: Determine user roles and primary goals Describe the epics for each user role Estimate the epics Estimate the team’s velocity Prioritise the epics into releases Examine the total release plan We’ll dive into these steps in the session using an example project so that you can see how to apply them in practice.

  • Build Dashboard with PowerApps and PowerBI

    In this all demo session Charles Sterling will walk through creating fun interactive leaderboards using low/no code solutions like PowerApps, Flow, CDS for Apps and Power BI.

  • Building Dynamics 365 Bots

    Conversations as a platform have been touted by companies including Microsoft and Facebook as the next generation of software user interface. With the introduction of publicly accessible frameworks for building chat bots that can be accessed via everything from Email to Skype to SMS, Dynamics CRM is perfectly poised to take advantage of this new way of interfacing. In this session we’ll demonstrate how to build a Bot that interacts with CRM using plain language commands and provide developers with an open source solution to get started building their own next generation user interfaces.

  • Dynamics 365 and Azure: A partnership of experience, depth and exciting growth

    What does this really mean? Come to this session for an interactive discussion on Azure power embedded in Dynamics 365 and what Dynamics 365 brings to Azure. We will also discuss key areas of thought after moving or starting/ with Dynamics 365 Online. "Have you set up your Azure Groups to align to your Dynamics 365 instances? What about defining your layers of administrators? In terms of the application, have you decided on Relevance Search and set your relevant search entities?

  • Authentication - How to get everything wrong

    There are plenty of integration scenarios where authenticating with Dynamics 365 is a challenge. In this session we take a look at how you shouldn't do it (and why), and how you can do it. This session is highly technical and we'll take a deep dive into code examples, which will be available on GitHub after the presentation.

  • Azure Functions integration scenarios

    In this session, we will start by talking about what Azure Functions are, what they do and how much it cost to use them. Then We will discuss how, why and when they can be integrated with Dynamics 365 CE.

2017 - Meeting Recordings (10 Hours)

Catch up on all the 2017 XrmVirtual meetings.

  • Dynamics 365 Portals Development Primer

    This presentation from Nick Doelman, Manager of CRM Solution Development BDO IT Solutions, is geared towards 365/CRM developers who need to get ramped up to extend the new 365 Online Portals beyond standard configuration. The session will provide pointers, tips, techniques and some quick demonstrations of when and where to use custom JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, Liquid Templates, Plug-ins/Workflows and Custom Azure Web Apps in Portal projects.

  • April - ISV Showcase

    You'll hear from the following ISVs: WordPress and Dynamics 365: Awesome portal in 15 minutes WordPress powers more than 25% of all web sites in the world. Dynamics 365 is the new standard in sales, customer service, field service, and industry solutions. Now they can work together, thanks to Dynamics 365 WordPress Plugin and open source CRM PHP toolkit, both built with love by AlexaCRM team. Control your site in WordPress, keep your data in Dynamics 365. Link your WordPress users and Dynamics 365 contacts, accounts, and custom entities to create secure portal solutions for your prospects, customers, partners, and communities. Maplytics™ is one of the most comprehensive multi-language geo-analytical mapping solution for Dynamics CRM / 365 that empowers users to visualize Dynamics CRM data on map with territory Management, radius & time based proximity search, appointment scheduling, building optimized route and sharing, finding nearby places, targeted locational marketing list, Heat Maps and real-time data visualization on dashboards amongst others. Event2CRM™ is an easy-to-use application that extends the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 and CRM 2016, 2015, 2013 or 2011 with the power of Eventbrite, the leading provider of online event management and ticketing services. Join KingswaySoft to learn how you can use their SSIS based solutions to manage data integration and migration for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. In this session, we will quickly walk you through some key features of the SSIS Integration Toolkit software, you will learn how to work with some typical integration challenges with ease.

  • Advanced Liquid Templates for portals

    Liquid is an open-source template language integrated into Dynamics 365 portals. It allows you to build dynamic content to pages, and to create a wide variety of templates with your own layouts. But what else can you do? In this session we will look at how you can build custom handlers to retrieve data with custom data return types, write an API for reading data, display CRM charts and build a single page app right within the portal itself. Learn the lesser documented features and functionality that exists within the liquid template language for Dynamics 365 portals and how to build modern powerful web applications.

  • Why you really need Azure Functions

    Have some code that's maybe not quite a full application that you need to deploy without worrying about the hassle of managing environments? Well look no further than Azure Functions! Yes, you're probably thinking there's already a dozen other ways to host an application that you already know about so why think about another? Azure Functions provide a uniquely flexible platform which allows developers to deploy code in multiple ways using multiple languages while being able to bind directly Azure or HTTP based triggers. If that doesn't sound appealing then at least you could tell everyone you're going serverless, which sounds cool, right? In this session we'll explore scenarios where using Azure Functions could be useful, pros and cons compared to other technologies, and plenty of examples to give you some ideas.

  • IFD Deployments of Dynamics

    In today's Dynamics CRM deployments, internet-facing deployments and the mobile worker need to be considered. This intermediate, technical presentation will help you understand how to install ADFS/IFD for your Dynamics CRM system and support Mobile CRM scenarios.

  • Building Dynamics 365 with Adoxio Connect Framework

    The primary purpose behind the Adoxio Connect Framework was to help facilitate an easy server-to-server connection for a Web App. By using the Adoxio Connect Framework it helps by providing an implementation of OrganizationWebProxyClient and Active Directory Authentication Library so that you can easily interact through the Dynamics 365 SDK within your application using this new authentication option. This session will walk you through building ASP.NET MVC and Web API project, console application, and Azure Function App with the Adoxio Connect Framework to build your next gen modern Dynamics 365 applications.

  • TypeScript and Dynamics 365

    Coding and maintaining JavaScript for Dynamics CRM can be quite a hassle if you don’t have a way to manage it properly. Besides knowing how the client-side API works, it also relies on a lot of precise strings to accomplish anything meaningful in regard to the way the specific CRM system is set up. However, by utilizing TypeScript and its many benefits, implementing client-side logic becomes an easy and fast task to accomplish. This is where the TypeScript equivalent of CrmSvcUtil comes into the picture: a tool called XrmDefinitelyTyped. Instead of generating early-bound .NET classes for server-side code, it generates TypeScript interfaces for all your client-side coding needs. Just like early-bound C# classes enable developers to quickly and confidently write custom server-side logic, these generated TypeScript interfaces enable developers to do so client-side as well. Interfaces are generated both for implementing form logic, but also for interacting with the OData endpoints in a type-safe manner (both the old REST endpoint and the new Web API).

  • Automating Business Process Stage Progression

    Recent improvements to business process flows allow stage transitions to be automated via workflow. Business Processes are now entities and can be referenced in lookups and referenced in Dynamics 365 workflows. Demo and explanation of how to automate Business Process Flow stage progression with workflows.

  • PowerBI and Machine Learning in Azure

    Join Microsoft MVP Scott Sewell for a webinar where you will see how Power BI is an amazing tool to surface the information from within the depths of Dynamics 365. Beyond the visuals, we’ll discuss connection strategies and compare PowerBI to other reporting and visualization features within CRM for best-fit scenarios. We’ll also explore calling Azure Machine Learning from within a CRM workflow as a surprisingly effective way to score leads and avoid being left underwater in unprocessed data.

  • Common Configurator Mistakes

    In this session, MVPs Joel Lindstrom and Shawn Tabor will talk about common mistakes that Dynamics 365 configurators make when developing Dynamics solutions. Learn how you can avoid these common mistakes.