All About XrmToolBox


XrmToolBox is a free set of tools to ease customization, development, analysis and operation tasks in Dynamics 365. It is shipped with more than 30 tools and through community efforts more than 100 tools are available in the Plugins Store. XrmToolBox is an absolute necessity for developers, customizers, administrators and even users on the Dynamics 365 platform. In this video series we look at how to install it and use some of the most popular tools and cover tips and tricks to get the most out of XrmToolBox.


Jonas Rapp

Jonas is a Microsoft MVP based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the creator of FetchXML Builder and several other tools for XrmToolBox.

Nick Doelman

MVP. Dad. Husband. Canadian. Beer connoisseur. Passionate about Power Platform, Power Apps and Powerlifting.

Course Module Details

XrmToolBox Overview
  • Overview
    6 Minutes
  • Managing Connections
    4 Minutes
FetchXML Builder
  • Using FetchXML Builder
    6 Minutes
Creating Auto Number fields
  • Using AutoNumber Manager
    7 Minutes
Portal Records Mover
  • Video Overview
    9 Minutes
Translating the Easy Way
  • Using Easy Translator
    6 Minutes
Mass update with Bulk Data Updater (Planned)