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Professional PCF for Model Driven Apps


This course will show you both how & why the PCF works the way it does. You will learn how to create, build and test a PCF control using the Power Apps CLI, then take a peek under the covers to see the modules and configurations used. You'll learn how PCF controls work at runtime and the important design decisions you need to make in order to make your controls flexible and supported.

Build Advanced User Interfaces

Learn how to create sophisticated user interfaces that are maintainable and supported. Manage state inside your Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) controls using React and mobx. Add drag and drop functionality. Create engaging user experiences on both forms and views in Model Driven Apps. Use the Fluent UI so that users will think that your controls are part of the native Power Apps experience.

Unit Tests and AzureDevOps

Manage your entire Application Lifecycle in AzureDevOps with both code and solution metadata being under version control. Manage parallel branches using pull requests. Write unit tests using jest and then run inside your AzureDevOps pipelines to automatically collect code coverage, and solution checker results before deploying to multiple environments.

Who Should Take This Course

If you are extending Dynamics 365 Model Driven Apps or want to create custom user interfaces on top of Power Apps, this course is for you. You will cover the fundamentals of the PCF but the course does assume some knowledge of configuring CDS, using Visual Studio/VSCode, writing JavaScript with some HTML and CSS experience. You will be creating rich unbounded user experiences like never before!


Scott Durow

Scott Durow

Scott is a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP specializing in Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform