Building Custom Connectors


There are over 200+ public connectors available, but that is a small percentage of the thousands of APIs that are published. Creating custom connectors allows you to have a connector experience for any of these APIs. In this course, we will look at how to configure the custom connector so you or users in your organization can connect to the API just as easy as the public connectors. Included in the course is a deep dive hands on lab as well as a test your knowledge assessment.


Basic understanding of PowerApps and Flow connectors would be helpful. Hands on lab requires developer knowledge and at least a trial of Visual Studio to complete.


David Yack

David is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado. He is recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP.

Course Module Details

Creating Connectors
  • Course Overview
    3 Minutes
  • Video
    32 Minutes
  • FAQ
    10 Minutes
  • Other Resources
    10 Minutes
  • Hands on Lab Downloads
    1 Minutes
  • Hands On Lab
    60 Minutes
  • Quick Assessment
    10 Minutes
  • Test Your Knowledge
    30 Minutes