CRM Tip of the Day - Best of Dynamics 365


With the release of Dynamics 365, there were several different features that were added and/or updated. For this course, we took several of Derik's videos from CRM Tip of the Day on some of the more popular topics such as the updated Business Process designer, Relationship Insights, and Application Designer and put them into one place.

What you will learn

This course starts with a basic overview of the new features that were added in Dynamics 365. From there, we dive a little deeper into specific functionality including how to work with the updated Business Process Flow designer, designing Business Rules, and how to work with the App Designer and Sitemap editor. In addition we look at the Relationship Insights preview feature and the basics on how to enable and configure it in Dynamics 365.


Derik Bormann

Derik is a regular contributor to CRM Tip of Day Derik is also a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

What's new in Dynamics 365
  • What's New - Overview
    10 Minutes
Updated Business Process Flow designer
  • BPF Designer Overview
Business Rules
  • Business Rule Designer
    9 Minutes
Application Designer
  • App Designer Overview
    16 Minutes
SiteMap Editor
  • Using the SiteMap Editor
    11 Minutes
Relationship Insights
  • Relationship Insights - Assistant and Auto Capture
    15 Minutes
  • Email Engagement
    11 Minutes