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Beginner Cohort - Interest

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Every quarter we host a cohort community for our subscribers who are beginners. The cohort is guided learning and a community to share, ask questions, and learn together. Generally speaking, our cohorts start the first day of the quarter, so January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. There is no additional cost for our paid subscribers to learn with our cohorts. You are always able to take any of our on-demand courses with your paid subscription. The cohorts are curated courses, in a specific order designed to help you learn while keeping your other commitments. The expected time commitment is less than 10 hours per week. Some of the courses include hands-on labs and we will provide a training environment for you if needed for the duration of the cohort. Cohorts meet in Microsoft Teams.

The courses included in this cohort for beginners includes the following:

  • Absolute Beginner Guide to Power Platform
  • App in a day
  • End user training for model-driven apps
  • Power Apps- Zero to model-driven
  • Power Apps- Zero to canvas
  • Experience Power Platform
  • Power Fx Basics
  • Creating Power BI visualizations with Microsoft Dataverse

At the end of our cohort you will be better prepared than ever to start working on projects.


We are starting at the beginning, but if you're eager to learn start here

Ten weeks of learning

Our guided curriculum takes you through a curated set of courses designed to get you started off right!

Continue to learn with access to our entire library

Joining a cohort does not limit your access to any of your subscription benefits. It's simply a community, a place to learn together with the guidance of our team.

Community and accountability

Join a group of like-minded learners and share your experiences. Our team will watch your progress and help keep you on track.

Flexibility and access

Curriculum designed to fit into your busy schedule. Our expert instructors available via invitation-only Teams.


Julie Yack

Julie Yack

Trainer. Author. Mentor. Learner. Problem-solver. Globetrotter. Microsoft MVP.

Derik Bormann

Derik Bormann

Derik is a regular contributor to CRM Tip of Day Derik is also a Microsoft MVP alumni.