CRM Tip of the Day - Field Service


Looking for a quick way to get up to speed on Dynamics 365 for Field Service? From getting around in Field Service to working with Connected Field Service, we took all of the best of CRM tip of the Day videos on Dynamics 365 for Field Service and put them in one place.

What you will Learn.

These videos start with the basics in Field Service from getting around in the application to understanding how to the schedule board works. From there, we will look at how to leverage many different features such as Incidents, and Agreements to assist in and simplify Work Order creation. Finally we will provide you with a look into how to work with Connected Field Service for Dynamics 365.


Derik Bormann

Derik is a regular contributor to CRM Tip of Day Derik is also a Microsoft MVP

Course Module Details

Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Field Service
  • Overview Video
    16 Minutes
  • Overview Resources
Working with Incidents
  • Creating Incident Types
    8 Minutes
  • Incident Resources
Working with Agreements
  • Creating and Defining Agreements
    8 Minutes
  • Agreement Resources
Universal Resource Scheduling
  • Enabling an Entity for Unified Scheduling
    12 Minutes
  • Universal Scheduling Resources
Connected Field Service
  • Getting Started with Connected Field Service
    18 Minutes
  • Connected Field Service Resources