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Power Platform 24 Conference March 2022

Join Power Platform enthusiasts from around the world for a full day of sessions about Microsoft Business Applications. No matter where you are in the world, this is in your time-zone. Did you miss the event? No problem, watch all 24 sessions whenever you want!

Course Module Details

The Rise of Business Technologists (1 Hours)
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    Come and join this interactive session to learn more about what’s behind this (new) role, how it fits the Power Platform and becomes important for every Fusion Team. We‘ll uncover the job description and will provide some practical insights from the field.

    Chris Huntingford image
    Chris Huntingford

    I’m a geek and proud to admit it! I’m also a rather large, talkative South African who plays drums, wears horrendous Hawaiian shirts and has an affinity for engaging in as many social gatherings as humanly possible, because, well….I want to experience as much as possible and connect with as many different people as I can! I am, unapologetically, My

    Carsten Groth image
    Carsten Groth

    Currently working at Microsoft as Global Blackbelt Senior Technology Specialist for EMEA Region. Think of us as to unleash business outcomes to our customers digital transformation journey through solution innovation, building cross-cloud & industry solutions.

Power Automate approvals deep dive (1 Hours)
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    Power Automate approvals is a powerful functionality allowing business processes designers to easily assign a task to anyone in the organization and then design process based on the outcomes. Assuming that assigned person will complete a task is bad and can easily lead to failing processes. The built-in options, that allow tasks management only by their owners is usually not always sufficient. If you ever found yourself in a situation, where task wasn't completed because assignee wasn't able to do it, join me during this session to learn about possible approaches for managing tasks. During this session you will learn: * What is the tasks architecture at a Microsoft Dataverse level * What built-in functions technology have * How to design and build workflows, that allow automation around tasks, eg. substitutions, reassignments, approvals on behalf, completion of approvals when specific amount of responses is met etc.. Stuck task assignments is a bottleneck in every process. Workflows can't proceed because they are waiting for that one last approval. Start using 100% of what approvals in Power Automate have to offer.

    Tomasz Poszytek image
    Tomasz Poszytek

    Experienced SharePoint & Office 365 consultant

Is Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement dead? (1 Hours)
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    Can we build an entire CRM system with Power Platform? But all I do is Dynamics! Join us for a strongly opinionated session focusing on the Power Platform and where the Dynamics 365 First Party Apps fit in!

    Chris Huntingford image
    Chris Huntingford

    I’m a geek and proud to admit it! I’m also a rather large, talkative South African who plays drums, wears horrendous Hawaiian shirts and has an affinity for engaging in as many social gatherings as humanly possible, because, well….I want to experience as much as possible and connect with as many different people as I can! I am, unapologetically, My

Get started with Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Teams using Dataverse and Power Automate (1 Hours)
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    In this session, we will transform traditional email reminders into interactive, informative, and actionable user experiences using Adaptive Cards. Dataverse, Microsoft Teams and Power Automate will be showcased using a maker approach solution development.

    Norm Young image
    Norm Young

    Microsoft MVP recognized for adding value to higher education using SharePoint, Power Automate and Power BI. Blogger, speaker, community contributor, and Office 365 evangelist.

Low-Code Website Tips from Portals CATs (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Low-Code Website with Power Apps Portals, Tips for Projects, Integration, User Migration, Center of Excellence, Governance

    Nikita Polyakov image
    Nikita Polyakov

    Solution Architect in FastTrack for Dynamics 365 CE at Microsoft been leading Portals community at Microsoft helpful customer success.

Bringing Power BI into the Dataverse (and bringing Dataverse into Power BI) (1 Hours)
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    Most Dataverse implementations, whether they be Power Apps or Dynamics 365 CE on the front-end, contain amazingly valuable data for the end-users and for the organizations' leadership. Additionally, most Dataverse-based apps would benefit from additional data to enrich the '360-degree' view of an entity. Learn the surprising options and best practices (and potential pitfalls) of connecting Power BI with Dataverse.

    Scott Sewell image
    Scott Sewell

    As a Principal Product Manager within the Power BI team and a former Dynamics 365 Black Belt at Microsoft - I've seen firsthand how valuable the data in Dataverse can be for the decision-makers.

Ask me anything about Power BI (1 Hours)
  • Video

    The Explicit Measures Podcast is doing an Ask Me Anything Session! Join us live to hear your questions answered on ANYTHING related to the podcast, topics discussed in previous episodes, or anything around the Power BI platform. Hosted by Mike Carlo, Seth Bauer, and Tommy Puglia, the Explicit Measures Podcast is a Power BI focused show that is like being around a Power BI Pro’s Water Cooler. With so many available resources in the community that focuses on the “how” in Power BI (how to do Drill Through, how to use DAX, etc.,), the Explicit Measures Podcast is all around the WHY. Why use a particular feature, does it make sense for my users? Submit your questions in advance! https://bit.ly/amaempodcast

    Tommy Puglia image
    Tommy Puglia

    Tommy leads the Chicago Power BI User Group & co-hosts the Explicit Measures Podcast, releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. Tommy is constantly focused on how any report, application, or solution can change and drive behavior.

    Mike Carlo image
    Mike Carlo

    I'm very passionate about data and analytics. I've spent a massive amount of time learning Power BI. Through this learning process I felt that others may also be interested.

    Seth Baue image
    Seth Baue

    Seth Bauer is the Director of Business Intelligence at Syndigo. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, a leader of the Milwaukee (Brew City) Power BI User Group WI, helps organize and present at events and conferences year round.

Extending Teams with pre-built Power Platform App Templates (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Microsoft Teams has powerful capabilities out-of-the-box but as more organizations adopt Teams into their modern workplace, many are looking for ways to integrate more features to help streamline their business processes. You can extend Teams with Microsoft apps, third-party apps, or integrate your own custom apps using the Teams extensible framework. Instead of building a custom app from scratch, Microsoft has made it easier by providing pre-built app templates that you can download from GitHub for free and install into your tenant. In this session, we will cover an overview of the extensibility options for Teams as well as demonstrate some of the top Power Platform app templates being used today based on common use cases.

    Christina Wheeler image
    Christina Wheeler

    Christina Wheeler (MVP) is a Director of Innovation for Core BTS and a Technical Trainer specializing in the Power Platform, Business Intelligence, Modern Workplace, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams

Introduction to Dataverse Security (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Security is one of the most important components of administering your Dataverse environment. But where to begin? We will discuss the basics of permissions, roles, teams and more. Of course, this will be all topped off with best practices and tips for success!

    Kylie Kiser image
    Kylie Kiser

    Kylie Kiser is a 2 time Microsoft Business Applications MVP and has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2010. In this time, she has assisted with an upgrade for a system with 1,500+ users as well as worked on and refined complex customizations

Getting Data from Dataverse inside of Teams (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Microsoft Dataverse for Teams delivers a no code / low code out of the box data platform for Microsoft Teams. You get relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise-grade governance, and one-click solution deployment. Dataverse for Teams enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps. Come see what Dataverse for Teams is all about and how to get started building databased apps within Teams.

    David Patrick image
    David Patrick

    Dave has been developing database applications for over 30 years. An MCT since 2001, he has taught many classes from Intro to Visual Interdev to Advanced SharePoint Development.

ALM Accelerator for Power Platform (1 Hours)
  • Video

    In this session we’ll delve into the strange and mysterious world of Power Platform Application Life Cycle management. We’ll discuss challenges related to applying ALM best practices, using the Power Platform, as well as the tools, resources, and practices necessary to thwart those challenges. The session will include a demo of end to end ALM Automation of Power Platform solutions using the latest tools available in the Center of Excellence Starter Kit’s ALM Accelerator for Power Platform.

    Michael Ochs image
    Michael Ochs

    Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure Developer.

A-Z: 26 Power Apps Tips Again! (1 Hours)
  • Video

    After my 1st set of 26 Power Apps tips in 2020, I am back with another set of 26 tips, one for each alphabet! This time they are slightly more advanced than the last time.

    Hardit Bhatia image
    Hardit Bhatia

    I am an Electrical Engineer with a MBA in Finance. With over 10 years’ experience in creating and implementing business applications and a deep interest in tasks involving analytical thinking, Power Platform is the world I had been dreaming of since a very long time! When I got introduced to the Power Platform, it took me no time to get addicted an

Design Better Apps - with Empathy (1 Hours)
  • Video

    How often have you been involved in a project where the app delivered meets the requirements but has poor user adoption and ultimately does not achieve the intended objectives? In my consulting career I have seen this time and time again, with a common thread being a lack of true understanding of the user and stakeholder needs (empathy) - leading to poor user experience and low adoption. This session discusses the importance of empathy and methods for incorporating it into your projects so that your apps really deliver and exceed expectations of the end users and stakeholders.

    Hamish Shield image
    Hamish Shield

    I am an experienced digital technology consultant specialising in helping organisations innovate with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Automate Gymnastics Guide (1 Hours)
  • Video

    From the creators of Citizen Can, from a land far far away and upside down, from the top of the hour and 50 minutes beyond you will laugh and cry, live and learn, and do or die with Power Automate Gymnastics. Amey and George talk about being efficient (Amey), creative (Amey), productive (Amey again 🙄 ), and logic defying (probably George) when creating your first, second, and Nth flow: how to use clipboard, scratchpad, scopes, expressions, skimmer, hammer, and child flows when building b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶i̶f̶u̶l̶ useful and a̶l̶l̶u̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ robust automations.

    George Doubinski image
    George Doubinski

    Microsoft MVP. Architect. Coder. Author. Blogger. Speaker. Trainer. Specialist in all things difficult.

    Amey Holden image
    Amey Holden

    A proud Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and dedicated ABC (Anything But Code) enthusiast. I am passionate about extending and improving Dynamics Customer Engagement & Marketing with the mighty Power Platform.

Dynamics 365 Marketing - One stop solution for Event Management (1 Hours)
  • Video

    D365 Marketing not only provides Core Marketing activities but also is known as its another key function – Event Management. In this session, we will deep dive into how D365 Marketing helps our event team to manage the activities for pre-event, during the event, and post-event. We will take a look at how to set up an event (virtual, i.e. Teams integration, and physical), manage event communications, check-ins, and feedback collections, etc. This session will give you an overview from both the end-user perspective and the customer’s perspective. Yes, of course, I will do a live demo.

    Rachel Pang image
    Rachel Pang

    As a Microsoft business application specialist, Rachel provides business and application consultancy for clients, working throughout the end-to-end implementation process by utilizing Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform.

Playing Games with the Power Virtual Assistant (1 Hours)
  • Video

    10 years ago, I created "Lost in Redmond", a text-based adventure game using the now deprecated Dialogs feature of Dynamics. In this presentation I show how I updated the game to use the Power Virtual Assistant (PVA). While it is unlikely that the PVA will become the next games platform, the presentation will provide insight in how the PVA can be easily set up to meet a variety of business needs. If you are curious about what PVA is or how to set it up, this session will give you a hands-on overview and show just how easy it is to use.

    Leon Tribe image
    Leon Tribe

    Leon Tribe is a Business Applications community leader based in Sydney, Australia. His passion is “Helping others make the world a better place”, doing this through the intelligent use of technology to make them more efficient and effective.

It's time for document generation with Power BI Report Builder (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Document generation can be a challenge in Dynamics 365, depending on the data sources and your reporting requirements. Power BI Report Builder offers pixel perfect paginated reports based on Dataverse. You're able to create your official documents, leaflets, directories, etc. that can be printed and exported in a paginated format. Run the reports from the app itself, Power BI workspace or automate the document generation with Power Automate flow. Some of these scenarios will be demonstrated during this session. It's time for document generation with Power BI Report Builder!

    Stefan Strube image
    Stefan Strube

    Explorer into the wondrous eco system of Microsoft and beyond. Experienced traveler in the on-prem & cloud worlds of SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics 365. Building on the Power Platform. Working as Solution Architect at Strukton. Microsoft Business Applications MVP.

Getting started with Custom Connectors (1 Hours)
  • Video

    In this session, we will learn how to get started with custom connectors. In the process of the presentation, we will build a custom connector from scratch. I will pinpoint some findings I had during recent creations of different custom connectors. After the session you will have a clear understanding of what custom connectors are, what they are used for and how to create your own.

    Benedikt Bergmann image
    Benedikt Bergmann

    My first contact with Dynamics was in 2014. Since I moved to Sweden I am exclusively working with Dynamics and the Power Platform. I am coming from a Developer background and do a lot of Solution Architect work currently. My passion is to automate stuff as well as create templates to make the life of others easier. In January 2021 I received the Mi

Become a Business Application Superstar in 5 steps (1 Hours)
  • Video

    In the past many business applications have been built on top of SharePoint but with Microsoft 365 and Dataverse such as Dynamics 365 the world has changed. Model-driven apps are the new business solutions and it can be so easy to build an application. While hardcore developers were needed in the past, now the time has come for Power Users and Makers. I will show you in this session how to build a business solution with a model-driven app by using Dataverse, PowerApps and Power Automate. You will also get my personal checklist to become a Business Application Superstar in 5 steps.

    Nicole Enders image
    Nicole Enders

    Nicole Enders is a Modern Workplace and Collaboration Expert and she works at CONET Solutions GmbH as a Managing Consultant. As a MVP for Microsoft 365 Apps & Services she shares her knowledge at many events, on her own blog as well as in her books.

Why we need to put Accessibility FIRST (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Accessibility is often the last-minute bolt-on that somebody might mention right at the end of a project. It's often greeted with cries of "No Budget", "Not Requested", "Out Of Scope". Why don't customers request it? Is it that they have given up asking? Do they assume we'll include it? Or is it that they assume the costs will be too high for the benefits? Unfortunately we often sweep the subject under the carpet and hope that nobody points it out... This needs to change! Accessibility needs to be the FOUNDATION of what we build, not the afterthought. As websites are starting to be required, by law, to be accessible - how long will it be before we are mandated to be building accessibility into all we do? Join me as I explain why this is such an important issue, discuss the massively positive impact it can have, and show that it doesn't cost the earth to include it.

    Mike Hartley image
    Mike Hartley

    With a background in IT of 25+ years, and a history of Dynamics since v3.0, Mike is an experienced and seasoned veteran. Passionate about all things Microsoft, a cheerleader for Community, and an Advocate for all things to do with Accessibility, Mental Health, Diversity, Inclusion and more...

An Overview of the Power Platform Administration Centre (1 Hours)
  • Video

    New to Power Platform? No problem. In this session I will provide an overview of creating Environments, reporting on Analytics and all about storage capacity usage. You’ll also discover how to use the Power Platform support portal to create a new support request and resolve an issue. We will look at valuable learning resources to take your Power Platform admin centre skills to the next level! System administrators will come away armed with the latest tools, best practices, and helpful tips & tricks for managing Power Platform admin centre like a true champion.

    Chime Okure image
    Chime Okure

    Chime is a Senior Dynamics 365 CE/Power Platform Functional Consultant and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). with over 5 years experience in consulting, designing and developing Microsoft Business Applications .

Using Microsoft Graph API with Power Platform Solutions (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Extend the Power Platform even further by harnessing the power of the Microsoft Graph API. The Microsoft Graph API is a vast set of actions for the Microsoft product stack. In this session I will show how to use various APIs to interact with Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, AzurAD, Microsoft 365. Building an app to maintain Azure AD users and groups. Use Power Automate tomaintain files, folders and other properties. Display the Microsoft Teans presence in apps with Azure AD user data/information. Do more with the Microsoft Graph API.

    Einar Larusson image
    Einar Larusson

    I am working at Crayon Iceland bringing Microsoft Business Applications to some of the largest companies in our country.

Dataverse for Teams: 10 Things you wish you knew (1 Hours)
  • Video

    Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is the lighter version of Dataverse that comes with Power Apps License. Free with M365 license but Powerful, discover how you can leverage it to create your apps through 10 key takeaways

    Jeff Angama image
    Jeff Angama

    Jeff ANGAMA has 10 years of experience in SharePoint On-Premise and Microsoft 365