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Intro to Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Introduction to Dynamics 365 Project Operations is an introductory course to the lite deployment of Project Operations. It covers the end-to-end process in Project Operations, starting from project-based sales and ending in delivery and invoicing. You will learn the basic concepts of Project Operations and how different features relate to real-life roles, such as account managers, project managers, resource managers, and consultants in project-centric organizations. After completing this course, you’re able to plan project-based sales, create accurate project contracts, create projects and manage their progress, book and assign resources, submit time and basic expense entries and approve them, manage the billing backlog and create proforma invoices.


Antti Pajunen

Antti Pajunen

Antti is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Power Platform, Project Operations, and Project for the web Solution Architect with a deep passion for learning cool new things.

Course Module Details

Overview (11 Minutes)

Module 1 gives you an overview of the new Dynamics 365 Project Service application. You will learn about the different services that make up the Project Operations application and of the typical roles found in project-centric organizations that the application is tailored for. A summary of Project Operations’ different deployment options will help you understand the different ways in which Project Operations can be deployed.

  • Overview
  • Overview - video
Project-based sales process (21 Minutes)

Module 2 introduces you to the project-based sales process in Project Operations. You will learn how to qualify leads to build opportunities and how detailed quotes can be used to offer project-based services to customers. Profitability tracking on quotes will help you identify proposals that can be converted to profitable project contracts.

  • Project-based sales process
  • Project-based sales process - video
Project contracts (20 Minutes)

Project contracts serve as a container for financial data in Project Operations. You will learn how to build detailed project contracts that represent contracted work with customers. Introduction to Time and Material and Fixed Price billing methods will help you build project contracts for different types of engagements. Fine details such as split billing and advances and retainers will help you understand how project contracts are tied to invoicing in Project Operations.

  • Project contracts
  • Project contracts - video
Project for the web (16 Minutes)

Project for the web is at the center of project management in Project Operations. You will learn the basics of managing projects with Project for the web and how to track labor and project financials accurately from a project’s context. Task, board, and timeline views help you track a project’s task dependencies, while resource assignment contours and effort tracking give you a detailed view to deliverables.

  • Project for the web
  • Project for the web - video
Resource management (21 Minutes)

Project Operations provides a hybrid and a centralized approach to resource management, which allows project managers and resource managers to book and assign resources on projects and tasks. You will learn how to book resources using the Schedule Board and how to assign them on tasks in Project for the web. Resource requirements will help you find the right person with the right set of skills for the right job. The concepts of generic and named resources help you plan your project team accurately for different deliverables.

  • Resource management
  • Resource management - video
Time entries, approvals and billing (23 Minutes)

Project team member engagement through time and expense entries is key in driving a project engagement and in the creation of financial data for invoicing and incurred cost. You will learn how time entries, approvals and billing backlog grooming result in financial data that can be invoiced from a customer. A project contract ties all this data together in profitability metrics on a project and contract level. At the end of the delivery to invoicing process you will have an understanding of the entire end-to-end process in Project Operations and how it supports different roles in project-centric organizations.

  • Time entries, approvals and billing
  • Time entries, approvals and billing - video
Summary (13 Minutes)

All the previous information-packed modules are recapped to give you a summary of all the concepts that were covered in modules 1-6.

  • Summary
  • Summary - video
Non-stocked materials (7 Minutes)

This module about non-stocked materials covers the usage of non-stocked materials via material usage logs in the Lite deployment. Students will learn the process of creating, submitting, and approving material usage logs to consume non-stocked materials on projects and project tasks.

  • Non-stocked materials - Video